Robert Bernstock is well recognized for his leadership abilities

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Robert Bernstock is a name that has been attached to the leadership of many corporate entities. Bernstock has worked to help lead some of the largest and most popular brands in the United States. Robert Bernstock has also served as the director of nine public and private company boards. This includes Nutrisystem Inc., The Pantry, Inc., First Brands, VFI Inc., and VerticalNet. Additionally, Robert Bernstock has been able to serve as both the director and an executive committee member on the U.S. Council of Competitiveness, as well as the National Food Processors Association—both of which are located in Washington D.C. He has served as the director of the Columbus, Ohio, Chamber of Commerce too.

Additionally, Robert Bernstock has served on a number of non-profit or civic boards too. This includes the Campbell Soup Foundation, Rowan University College of Business Administration, and the Conference Board of Canada.

Robert Bernstock is well recognized for his leadership abilities in corporate positions. He has worked in the leadership of some of the most well respected and recognizable companies in the nation. He has served as President, CEO, Chairman, or General Manager of companies like Atlas Commerce Inc., the Dial Corporation, Scott’s Miracle-Gro, Vlasic Foods International, and Campbell Soup Company.

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